Before I started working at SuperSprings, I was a customer. I drive a 2016 Ford F250 4x4 and pull a 28 foot bunkhouse travel trailer. My family and I love to go out on long drives and explore this wonderful country we are so blessed to live in. We got our trailer about 3 years ago, and have since been to 11 states and on too many trips to count. All that and we are just getting started! 

We decided on a bumper pull trailer because we wanted the extra room in the truck bed, and because it was the best floorpan option for us, our three kiddos (bunkhouse to the rescue), and two dogs. One thing I noticed during our first few trips out was that my truck was sagging over 2.5 inches when the trailer was on (even with an equalizer hitch), and that when driving on the highways I could really feel the wind blowing the trailer around behind us, especially when a 18 wheeler would pass by. After talking to several trusted friends and fellow RVers, we were convinced we needed to move to a fifth-wheel, and possibly get air bags for my truck. I'm generally someone who does a lot of research before I buy anything and so I set out to find solutions. 

Around that same time I had been talking to a good friend of mine (later to become my co-worker, TJ @ SuperSprings) and he mentioned that their products might solve my problems. A few weeks later I was getting SumoSprings installed on my F250, and my trailer. 

For the F250, we went with blue Rebel Sumos in the rear, and blue Sumo solos in the front. We measured before and after and I went from 2.5 inches of sag in the rear with the trailer on to just 0.5 inches of sag. Also, because I opted for the front Sumo solos in the front I no longer felt the rocking / bouncing in the front of the truck when I went over freeway bumps or bridges. Last, I went with TrailerSumos on my travel trailer and wow, that was a huge difference for me. The wind shake on freeways almost completely went away, and they eliminated the big shake when 18 wheelers pass by. So instead of making the jump to a new fifth-wheel, and airbags - I solved the problems with a complete solutions for truck and trailer: Front, Rear, and Trailer SumoSprings. 

Here are a few pictures of the truck and trailer, before and after, as well as some of the TrailerSumos actually installed. 

I hope this is helpful to any of you out there with a truck and bumper pull trailer looking for a better ride. Check out SumoSprings. Adventure always. Journey better. 

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