You could – absolutely – yes. However, should you? SumoSprings Rear make such a substantial improvement, the front suspension is often overlooked. That said, we highly recommend front suspension enhancements when someone has enhanced the rear suspension. Suspension is holistic, with both front and rear ends working together. I like this analogy:

Imagine a brick; a plain old red brick. Place that brick on ballpoint pen springs, the little springs inside of a “click” pen. The brick is unsteady, right? It sways! Now, replace two of those springs with solid wood or steel, something stiff. The brick still sways! Now, replace all the springs with steel or wood, and the brick is fully supported.

Obviously, we are supporting your vehicle's suspension, not replacing it or making it stiffer, but the holistic analogy is true. If you have a reason for enhancing your suspension – if you have made a want into a need – improving only the rear is shortchanging the overall improvement to your upgrade.

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