No. You don’t need SumoSprings. Your RV does not need SumoSprings to hit the open road. You want SumoSprings if you want to enhance your suspension and improve your ride quality. Here is an analogy. You buy an iPad to take with you on your RV adventures. The iPad works great just the way it is out of the box. You buy some enhancements; not because the iPad is inadequate, but because the enhancements improve the iPad based on your wants and needs: a case, because you may take it outdoors while camping; a screen protector, because you are clumsy and tend to drop things; a Bluetooth speaker, because you like to rock out; you download an app, because you like to play games. It is not that the iPad “needed” these improvements/enhancements; the improvements made the iPad a better product for your personal wants and needs, for how you use the product. The same is true for SumoSprings. Adding SumoSprings compliments and improves your Class B or C for how you personally use it.

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