SumoSprings are a patented suspension enhancement product designed to increase ride comfort, stabilize sway, improve driver control, and level sag. SumoSprings, like airbags, are a type of air spring. The main difference between an airbag and SumoSprings is how the air is captured/controlled. With a traditional air bag, a compressor with hoses and valves are used to inflate the “balloon.” This requires maintenance so the air bag does not crack and/or leak and accessories such as a compressor to maintain and adjust the air pressure. The air within SumoSprings is captured in millions of air pockets inside of the proprietary micro-cellular urethane material. We have drilled a hole through SumoSprings and they still work. Most Class B and C RV applications use SumoSprings Front and Rear Solo kits; solo meaning it attaches on one side (the frame). SumoSprings replace the RV's original bump stops, turning a preventative suspension accessory, the bump stop, into an active part of your suspension, an air spring, SumoSprings!

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