“I can say that the ride is very stable, predictable and seems smoother. I notice no side-to-side 'swash' when on uneven roadways or entering parking lot incline / decline ramps. Definitely worth it in my humble opinion.”

“Don't they make an amazing difference? We have been very impressed!”

“First wow moment was pulling out onto the highway through a bump/drop in the driveway. This is definitely a good thing!”

“I have one word for all of you RV owners and wannabees and it is 'smooth' what the ride feels like with the SumoSprings installed!”

“Installed SuperSprings’ SumoSprings suspension modifications front & rear on my Class B, and it now rides & handles like a sports edition. A lot of bang for the buck IMHO.”

“Yay! We love our SumoSprings, the best mod we've done. Those of us who live east of the Mississippi, with roads notoriously full of pot holes, really appreciate them!”

“Sure feels like the SumoSprings make a difference in handling!”“Does it make the steering feel more stable?”“Around corners? Yes. Can take them at higher speeds too.”

“Just drove through the remnants of tropical storm Emily, really loved having the SumoSprings, wind sway was manageable even for a girl driver.”

“Yeah, Sally is more like a sports car now!”

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