• Add-a-Leaf: add a steel spring to your existing leaf spring pack.

  • Auxiliary Spring: add an additional steel leaf spring(s) above or below your main leaf spring assembly.

  • Helper Spring Systems: steel springs in conjunction with some form of system.

Why are SuperSprings different?


/An add-a-leaf is an addition to the existing leaf spring assembly/pack. The addition of more steel leafs adds level load support, but changes the ride quality of the vehicle. By adding more steal leaf springs, you are adding stiffness. SuperSprings add additional level load support without compromising ride quality. How? With an add-a-leaf, the added leaf spring is added/engaged all of the time. The SuperSprings are there all of the time, but thanks to the unique and patented dual roller system, the SuperSprings provide their support only when loads are applied. With properly sized SuperSprings, on an appropriate application, unloaded ride quality is minimally changed. True, if you were to use extremely heavy duty SuperSprings on a light duty pickup truck, the ride quality would drastically change. This is why it is important to select and install SuperSprings that match your application (vehicle and intended use). If you’re uncertain or have a unique application, we are here to talk with you; please call us at +1 (800) 898-0705.


An auxiliary spring, also known as an overload spring, is mounted and attached to the main spring assembly and secured with long U-bolts. As a load is applied, the auxiliary spring (or spring assembly) will take on some of the load once the ends of the auxiliary spring make contact with the contact points attached to the frame/chassis. The later part is the important part: auxiliary springs do not assist until they make contact with the contact points. Up until that point, the auxiliary spring is unused and extra weight. SuperSprings, to the contrary, do not require a large amount of weight and do not need contact points on the frame. SuperSprings are always engaged and begin working immediately.


There are other companies who manufacture steel helper spring systems that most people will (and should) compare against SuperSprings. The intent of this page is not to speak poorly of these other products. To the contrary, these are great companies, with great reputations, and solid products. Our intent here is to showcase the uniqueness of SuperSprings. So what makes SuperSprings different? The answer is simplicity. Too simple? As weight is applied to a vehicle, the leaf spring pack goes from elliptical towards flat (and if you’re considering a helper spring, probably more than flat). The patented roller is what makes SuperSprings unique. Without the roller, any helper spring would be attached/fixed to the main spring pack. The rollers allow SuperSprings to accommodate the main spring packs transition from elliptical towards straight. As the rollers roll, SuperSprings is taking on the weight before the main spring pack needs to. A roller. That’s it. Simple, right?

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