Helper Spring


A helper spring is a suspension enhancement product engineered to enhance, support, and help various types of original equipment suspension. There are two basic types of helper springs: steel springs and pneumatic springs, more commonly known as air springs. Both variations are designed and manufactured in many different styles. SuperSprings, SumoSprings, and Coil SumoSprings can all be considered helper springs. However, there is an astronomical difference between SuperSprings products (when referred to as helper springs) and some of their competing alternatives. Scroll down to learn what makes SuperSprings and our products different – they are more than helper springs, they’re super!

Why would I want helper springs?

  • Load Leveling: Vehicles are used for hauling loads. Loads can be tools and equipment for the work and industrial industry, or people and their toys in the recreational industry. Whatever your weight, if your vehicle is sagging in the rear, helper springs are the solution to level things out.

  • Safety: An overloaded vehicle puts people in danger. Too much weight and uneven loads can drastically and negatively impact your vehicle’s handling and braking. If your vehicle’s handling, braking, suspension, or other important components are over or improperly worked, those problems turn into a driver safety concern.

  • Maintenance Costs: When a vehicle drives with an uneven or over capacity load, various components of your vehicle are taking the hit. Suspension gets over worked, tires get unneeded wear, brake pads wear down or unevenly, and more. This unnecessary and dangerous wear and tear results in increased maintenance costs.

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