SumoSprings® are a patented suspension product designed to enhance load carrying ability, stabilize sway, and improve overall driver control and ride comfort. They are maintenance free, do not leak air, and do not require airlines or compressors. SumoSprings® are manufactured in a variety of heights, diameters and densities to support multiple front and rear applications. They are manufactured from proprietary closed micro-cellular urethane providing a smooth and progressive spring rate.

Solo: One-piece unit attached on one side used as a replacement/upgrade to factory bump stops.

Maxim: One-piece unit attached on top and bottom allows up to 50% expansion of original body height.

Rebel: Two-piece unit attached on top and bottom using separate male and female pieces allows unlimited travel.

Ride Comfort

SumoSprings absorb harsh bumps and jolts to provide a smooth ride over uneven surfaces, highway joints, and other rough terrain.

Driver Control

By reducing harsh movements, SumoSprings give drivers better control of their vehicle. This increases safety and makes for more comfortable travel.


SumoSprings have a progressive spring rate. They start to compress smoothly with less resistance and provide greater resistance as they compress further.


SumoSprings increase comfort and control, help stabilize sway, and level loads. This makes SumoSprings a unique and complete suspension solution.


  • Recreational: SumoSprings benefit a large variety of recreational applications, such as: pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans, motorhomes, off-road vehicles, vehicles used for towing, and others.

  • Commercial: SumoSprings are used in a variety of commercial applications to increase load leveling abilities, reduce sway, and provide safer ride control resulting in reduced overall maintenance costs. Commercial applications include: utility bodies, crane trucks, wreckers, tow trucks, snow plows, and more.

  • Individuals: SumoSprings can be installed in under an hour by a skilled installer. Mechanically minded individuals will be comfortable and confident with step-by-step and easy to follow installation instructions that include drawings and photographs.

  • Fleets: SumoSprings are a great solution for individuals needing suspension enhancement, as well as fleets looking to increase suspension abilities, provide safer ride control, and reduce the overall costs of vehicle maintenance. Fleet applications include: buses, delivery and freight, law enforcement, and more.

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