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Anthony asked via a contact form,

“I am currently running SumoSprings SSR-117-47 on my 2013 Ford F-150 4WD. I am curious. Would I be able to run SuperSprings in addition to the SumoSprings? I am looking to stiffen up the rear suspension as I am very close to my max payload. My concern was the added stiffness might actually cause other component failures on the truck. What is your advice?”

This is a great question! So, I thought I would share the answer here. Whether to use SumoSprings or SuperSprings is a common question. We include it in our Frequently Asked Questions Page:

Should I use SuperSprings or SumoSprings?

Does your truck/van have rear leaf springs? Do you regularly use your truck/van to carry heavy loads? Is your truck/van setup with a service body? Is your vehicle a crane truck, wrecker truck, tow truck, or other work industry truck carrying a lot of weight? Are you experiencing excessive rear-end sag negatively effecting drive-ability? Does your truck/van have noticeable body roll and poor handling while unloaded or loaded? If so, it sounds like SuperSprings are a great match. Are you an R.V. owner? Do you own a truck/van used for recreational purposes such as towing a boat? Are you looking for a smoother ride and want to dampen road noise and shock? Is your rear suspension not a leaf spring pack? Do you take your vehicle over rough terrain or off-road? If so, it sounds like you should check out SumoSprings.

The question of can I, should I, and when to use SumoSprings in conjunction with SuperSprings is Anthony’s question.

The Answer

One of our awesome support staff, Peter, answered Anthony,

“We actually recommend using SumoSprings in conjunction with SuperSprings! Adding SuperSprings – in the case of your Ford F-150, part number SSA28 – will not damage your original components. In fact, it will actually do the opposite, and help the original components better stabilize and carry the load. The SuperSprings will alleviate some of the weight your original suspension is carrying, especially while working in tandem with the SumoSprings.”

SuperSprings and SumoSprings are both helper springs, they both help reduce sway and stabilize weight from loads or transfer (turning and braking). However, they are each unique. SuperSprings are steel. SumoSprings are micro-cellular urethane. Inherent in each material are unique properties with unique benefits for your suspension. Since the steel and properties of SuperSprings can be summarized as “strong,” SuperSprings will work to help level and stabilize heavy loads. SumoSprings have been described as sponges, and some people refer to them as “shock absorbers,” because of their unique damping properties. Since SumoSprings resist more under greater loads, progressively, they help reduce sway and act as a cushion in the void between your truck’s frame and axle. Thanks to these unique properties working together, the result is a combined effort to stabilize the load, reduce sway, level sag, and improve your ride quality.

SuperSprings with SumoSprings Solo Kits are a great two-prong approach to suspension concerns like Anthony’s. Thanks for the question!

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