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That is a lot of F’s! We receive a lot of form submissions on our website. One of them caught my attention today because it involved questions about the often forgotten front suspension enhancement solutions we offer. Here is what Al asked:

“We just purchased a new 2018 Winnebago Travato K. On a forum we belong to, someone commented suspension enhancements should not be installed on the front of the vehicle due to steering/mechanical problems down the road. 1) Can I confirm that SumoSprings placed on all four corners is not a concern for steering, etc.? 2) If they lift the vehicle about 1” upon installation, do they settle back down to original height? 3) We would prefer that the van stays higher at 1” or so; is there any product that will keep the van height up a bit from stock?”

Increase safety and control with Front AND Rear Suspension Enhancements

I enjoyed discussing this with and reading our Customer Support Supervisor, Peter’s, response. Peter answered the questions and articulated why front suspension is so important. Here is what Peter shared:

“To answer your first question, installing SumoSprings on all four corners is highly recommended. More importantly, suspension is holistic, with both front and rear ends working together. Front suspension is just as critical as rear suspension. Rear SumoSprings alone make a great difference (specifically for Travatos), but additional improvement and an increase in safety is achieved by stabilizing the front coil springs as well. What we manufacture for your front suspension, is Coil SumoSprings, designed to enhance the coil spring. The coil spring with Coil SumoSprings installed does not interfere with or change anything mechanically with steering. I won’t say that it does not impact steering, because it does! It makes it easier to steer. It does not, however, mechanically or negatively affect steering.

Coil SumoSprings are coil spring inserts, which by design, change the spring rate. They do not change or lift the stock ride height. Instead, they prevent sag. As opposed to standard spring inserts, typically made from hard material, Coil SumoSprings are air springs just as much as the rear SumoSprings are. Coil SumoSprings are a spring, with a spring rate, and damping properties. They enhance the capacity of the coil and stabilize the overall movement the coach experiences. This reduces stress on other components.

More than likely, your van’s ride height was changed the moment Winnebago converted it into a Class B. Those changes resulted in different steering and ride performance than originally found in a stock RAM ProMaster 3500 van. That is why people love SumoSprings, and why leading coach manufacturers are using them on more and more coaches as original equipment. One more aspect to always keep in mind is safety. Leveling a coach, improved ride control, handling, and stabilization have many benefits. Perhaps the most important though, is the increased safety that comes with these enhancements.”

Improved ride and safety

That really does summarize why SuperSprings continues to innovate and redefine suspension standards. Our innovative suspension solutions improve ride control and comfort while increasing driver and passenger safety!


If you have a question like Al’s, please take advantage of the many ways to communicate with us. Use the Intercom icon at the bottom right of your screen, submit a topic in our forums, e-mail, call, comment on our blog, whatever your preference. Maybe I will post it here!

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