Snowplow, Ballast, and SumoSprings.

Snowplow Manufacturers Recommend a Level Truck and Plow.

Snowplow manufacturers detail the importance of having the wings of your snowplow level with the ground. They also detail the importance of leveling your truck by adding ballast behind the rear axle. Ballast, weight added to the rear, can be sandbags, tailgate spreaders, any weight secured in the bed behind the rear axle.

Added Weight Needs Added Support.

Whether you are using a standard or heavy-duty plow on a ½ ton, ¾ ton or 1 ton pickup, all of the added weight from your plow and ballast needs to be supported. By supporting your suspension, you are reducing the amount of stress on the original suspension components. This increases the stability of the truck, levels sag in the truck, reduces sway, and improves driver control and safety.

Level. Do Not Lift.

Snowplow owners and operators will sometimes comment on front-end sag and say “I need to lift my front-end.” The front-end does not need to be lifted. Rather, the truck needs to be leveled. Reducing sag by supporting the front-end and adding ballast and support to the rear is crucial for a truck equipped with a snowplow. You may see reduced sag in the front, even a couple of inches, but it is not a lift you are seeing, it is leveling!

SumoSprings Support and Level Trucks.

SumoSprings support the added load of your snowplow and ballast. SumoSprings act as a secondary spring, supporting your truck’s existing suspension.

SumoSprings Do Not Require Maintenance or Accessories.

SumoSprings, like airbags, are a type of air spring. The main difference between an airbag and SumoSprings is how the air is captured/controlled. With a traditional air bag, a compressor with hoses and valves is used to fill up the balloon inside of the airbag. This requires maintenance so the air bag does not crack and/or leak and accessories such as a compressor to control the air pressure. The air inside of SumoSprings is captured in millions of air pockets inside of the patented micro-cellular urethane material. You could drill a hole through SumoSprings and they would still work. SumoSprings are completely maintenance-free, fully functional in temperatures as low as -22° Fahrenheit, and do not need to be removed during non-winter seasons.

Winter, Summer, Loaded or Unloaded.

SumoSprings have a progressive spring rate. Without any added weight on your truck, SumoSprings still enhance your suspension. There is no harsh engagement; instead, the initial engagement of SumoSprings is soft. SumoSprings dampen vibration; so, your unloaded ride quality is improved as SumoSprings absorb and dissipate the energy from road shock. When you add weight (your snowplow and ballast as an example) onto your truck, SumoSprings compress. The more they compress, the more they resist (this is a progressive spring rate), working to level your truck. This same progressive resistance under greater loads also helps stabilize the truck and reduce sway. As SumoSprings compress, they dissipate the energy so there is no harsh rebound, and your wheels are not forced back towards the ground.

“I installed SumoSprings on my Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD. After installing the SumoSprings, I took my truck for a ride and noticed the front-end felt so much tighter than it did the day I drove it off the lot. No kidding. No sway, no rolling in corners. The truck felt and handled a lot better. I attached my plow and lifted it. Instead of having 3 1/2″ of sag, it only had about a half inch! What a huge difference! Truly amazing. I would highly recommend SumoSprings!” – Andy C., Minnesota.

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